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Month: June 2013

Minnesota businesses complain about high property taxes

Minnesota Public Radio recently ran a story detailing how some Minnesota businesses are struggling to compete along the North Dakota border. Moorhead convenience store and gas station operators were particularly hard hit because their customers can easily go to Fargo...

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Case Study: $12 million reduction for a food processing plant

Owned by a food and meat products manufacturer based in Austin, Minn., this Illinois property was originally built in 1964 as a pork processing plant. Over time, several additions were built onto the property as the building was reconfigured into a general-purpose...

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Case Study: $8 million reduction for corporate headquarters

Corporate headquarters facilities often suffer from several forms of functional and external obsolescence. If an assessor doesn’t realize this, the property can be overtaxed, which is what happened with the corporate headquarters of this Fortune 500 medical technology...

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