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Robert Hill wins big case for Menards

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Firm News, Posted in Uncategorized. |

In a seminal decision, the Minnesota Tax Court ruled that a Menards store located in Moorhead Minnesota had been overassesed by at least 4 million dollars for a number of years. Robert Hill Law, in conjunction with Paradigm Tax Group, successfully prosecuted a reduction of approximately 16 million dollars on behalf of Menards.

Robert Hill said, “Today’s ruling reflects our Tax Court’s recognition that big box retail stores are being overassessed in general because, unlike other types of retail facilities, they are not typically income producing and suffer from various forms of obsolescence. I’m pleased to have represented Menards in this important case.”

If you’d like to read the official Minnesota Tax Court opinion, or Bob’s brief for the case, follow the links below.

Read the official Minnesota Tax Court opinion

Read the Robert Hill Law brief