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What are the Top Three Things to Look for in a Property Tax Attorney?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2017 | Firm News, Posted in In the News and tagged integrity, litigation, relationships, reputation, tax expertise.

By Robert A. Hill, property tax attorney and president, Robert Hill Law, Ltd.

From my perspective, the answer is simple: Integrity, Perseverance and Knowledge. 

Integrity is key. Find a team that is “lean and mean” by design – but highly networked to be scalable to your specific needs. Here’s a classic example: Since property tax issues vary by state, your tax issues might need expertise beyond your home state. You need not vet and hire 50 attorneys, nor must you hire an expensive “Big-law” firm with one property tax expert per state. A firm with integrity would not have you paying for more than what your specific needs require. Simple as that.

Perseverance is critical; however, it should always be directly tied to integrity. Litigation is expensive and the tax attorney you choose should be first focused on a perseverance rooted in compromise – keeping your case out of the courts.

Knowledge is rooted in the efficient collection of the evidence to your situation, but also the reputation – and relationships – with those parties that can establish a compromise sooner than later. Be asking, “What percentage of your cases is solved in compromise as compared to full litigation?” And, “In those cases that are solved by compromise, what is the average number of months it takes to reach an acceptable compromise?”

Integrity is key. The team you choose should feel like a true ally, and a team of relentless advocates working for you.

Property Tax Reduction Case Studies:

  • Big Box Home Hardware Retailer – $9 million in savings over three years
  • Big Box Pharmacy Retailer – $2 million in savings over four years
  • Minnesota-based Food Retailer – $3.7 million in savings over three years
  • Well-known Food Brand – $250,000 in annual savings

Author Bio:

Robert “Bob” Hill has, for over three decades, successfully represented major companies in property tax appeals through both negotiations with tax assessors and litigation. His dedication to his clients has helped businesses throughout the United States save tens of millions in property taxes. Mr. Hill has earned Martindale-Hubbell’s highest peer review rating of AV-Preeminent for his legal knowledge, communication skills, high ethical standards, and his representation of clients in significant property tax cases.