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Are excessive property taxes cutting into profit margins?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Commercial Property Tax Appeals

Business owners are often interested in profit margins. They know that they need to spend money and that the company is going to have a certain amount of expenses. There’s no way around this, so they don’t view it as a loss. They just want to see how much money they’re making based on how much that they’re spending – what is the return on investment? .

For instance, business owners face costs like buying materials, paying employees, paying the utilities and covering property taxes at the end of the year. They also likely have to buy certain types of insurance, such as workers’ comp insurance or simply property insurance for the structure. When any one of these financial obligations becomes overly inflated, it could cut into the profit margins and make it so a business model that is otherwise working is not nearly as profitable as it should be.

Why would your taxes be too high?

There are a lot of different reasons why your commercial property taxes could be too high. Maybe your building was misclassified and you’re being taxed as a type of property that you don’t even own. Perhaps the assessment was inaccurate, so they’re taxing you at a much higher property value than what your property actually has in terms of fair market value. Or, perhaps there are different tax credits that you could’ve taken to reduce what you had to pay, but you missed them or were wrongfully denied those credits.

No matter why this has happened, you can see how problematic it is for your bottom line if you’re paying far too much in property taxes. You may need to know exactly what steps you can take to keep your business profitable.