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Why do you pay commercial property taxes?

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Property taxes |

Anyone who owns a commercial property in Minnesota pays a property tax. Several factors determine the amount you pay, including your property value and the estimated market value. Thus, it is vital to know how this tax type works.

But why does Minnesota charge commercial property tax? Here are examples of state and community services your property tax may fund.


Some of the education aid in Minnesota is funded by property tax. The state pays a certain amount to school districts for educational purposes, including general and special education, transport and other programs.

Mental health

The number of people suffering from mental health issues is increasing, and the state does its best to help them. A fraction of the property taxes collected can help provide mental health resources.

Health care

Healthcare services can be costly. For this reason, the state may use the property tax it collects to fund healthcare programs. An example is MinnesotaCare which covers residents with low income. Another program is Medical Assistance (MA), which works similarly to MinnesotaCare, but has lower income limits.

Human services

Minnesota has several programs to ensure every resident can meet their basic needs. Hence, it may fund such programs with property taxes. Examples include The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP), which helps parents meet the needs of their children and Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA), which supports aged residents and those with disabilities.

Highway maintenance

The state may use some of the funds it collects from property taxes to build and maintain highways, streets, and bridges. This ensures residents access different regions without difficulties.

Paying a commercial property tax is beneficial. However, at times, you may be charged incorrectly. Therefore, you should learn how to assess your property tax and act accordingly if you are being taken advantage of.