Fighting For The Underdogs In Commercial Property Tax Appeals

How To Choose A Property Tax Law Firm

Only a small subset of attorneys devote a significant part of their practice to property tax law. If you wish to appeal your property tax assessment, it is critical to consult with an attorney who has an in-depth understanding of real estate and tax law, and who is experienced in dealing with tax assessors, review boards and the courts.

Attorney Robert A. Hill has over 30 years of experience in tax appeals, giving him the legal knowledge needed to help you with your appeal. He handles property tax cases in Minnesota and throughout the U.S. and works with a team of professionals who are passionate about helping local businesses save money on their property tax bills.

Large Firm Vs. Small Property Tax Firms

One of the first considerations in selecting a property tax lawyer is whether to go with a large law firm or a smaller ‘boutique’ firm.

Large law firms often advertise their resources and clout, whereas smaller law firms highlight their ability to give personal service. These cliché-selling points do not always reflect the reality of a property tax practice, so it is best not to rely on them.

The Myth Of A Large Property Tax Law Firm

A large law firm that offers commercial property tax appeals usually only has one or two attorneys who offer that service, and many times it is only a portion of their individual law practice.

Most large law firms also do not operate as a single entity. Large firms can more accurately be described as a firm with a lot of individual lawyers. These lawyers generally seek their own clients, service their own clients and to the extent that the law firm rules do not get in the way, they act as a small firm.

The rules at a large law firm can also work against your best interests. When you engage a lawyer from a large firm, you are marrying the entire firm. If the firm has rules that apply to minimum billable hours or requiring attorneys to stay within the firm for counsel, this may not be in your best interests.

Large law firms have traditionally argued that they have greater access to research materials, but this claim has largely disappeared now that most legal research is conducted online.

Approach your search for property tax representation as a search for a single attorney, not a firm. The size of a law firm does not offer much, if any, advantage in a successful property tax appeal.  When you deal with a small firm, you are often receiving legal counsel directly from the firm’s owner. These owners are in the best position to advance your interests because they are not encumbered by the rules and billing practices common in larger firms.

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